Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement District 1

The protection of public health and welfare in Tangipahoa Parish is our number one priority. We are commited to providing excellent service to our community as well as our environment through comprehensive research and cohesive support programs.



Resistance Management at Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement

Visit our Education & Resources page for a collection of helpful links and accurate information about mosquitoes.

Our Strategy: Integrated Mosquito Management

It is important to understand that the goal of any mosquito abatement program is not to eliminate mosquitoes, but to control them to the point where the risk of human disease is minimized and people can greater enjoy outdoor activities.

Education & Resources

The Mosquito Life Cycle

The mosquito goes through four separate and distinct stages of its life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Read More

Around the Home Prevention

West Nile Information

Repellent Information

Mosquito Myth Busters