EPA Naled Recommendations


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Recommendations for Reducing Exposure to Naled


  • Stay indoors with the windows closed during spraying. 

  • Do not allow children to play outdoors for four hours following spraying. 

  • If you are outdoors when spraying takes place and come in contact with the chemical, rinse your skin and eyes with water. 

  • Wash fruits and vegetables from your garden before storing, cooking, or eating. This is a good habit, regardless of whether mosquito spraying has occurred. 

  • Cover outside items like furniture and grills before the spraying takes place. Bring pets and items like pet food dishes and children’s toys indoors. Rinse any uncovered items left outside during spraying. 

  • If you think you have had a reaction to the spraying of naled, talk to your doctor or call the regional Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222


The EPA also states, “If applicators choose to apply the product at lower rates (i.e., 0.075 or 0.05 lb/ai acre) in combination with smaller droplet sizes, higher release heights, and higher wind speeds, the application would lead to less deposition, less exposure and fewer risks of concern.”


Note: The Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement District does use the lower rates (0.05 – 0.075 lb/ai acre), the higher release height of 300’, and the smaller droplet sizes as suggested in their guidance for reducing possible exposure.